40th Anniversary News

40 years of supporting artists

Our 40th Anniversary programme includes a new series of Artists Newsletter publications and interviews with leading artists.

A Q+A with… Maria Hatling, a-n 40th Anniversary logo creator

We speak to Maria Hatling about what inspired her a-n at 40 logo design, her painting practice and what she’s been up during a tumultuous 2020.

40 Years 40 Artists

40 Years 40 Artists: the 2000s

Introducing the third set of conversations in our 40 Years 40 Artists series of artist interviews, with writer Louisa Buck.

40 Years 40 Artists: Barby Asante

Barby Asante reflects on what has changed for artists in the last two decades, and on the "deep and painful work" of decolonising the art worlds.

40 Years 40 Artists: Forest + Found

Collaborative duo Forest + Found discuss their role as artists in "thinking and engaging with our natural resources and the environment."

40 Years 40 Artists: Larry Achiampong

Larry Achiampong reflects on the role of art as "a place to conversate, to agree, to disagree, to hope, to dream, to imagine, to debate."

40 Years 40 Artists: Jasleen Kaur

Jasleen Kaur discusses her shift from craft into visual art and her deep investment "in art as a means of speaking or coming into voice."

40 Years 40 Artists: Bedwyr Williams

Bedwyr Williams considers the role of art and the main changes he's experienced as an artist over the last 20 years.

40 Years 40 Artists: Rat Trap

Artist collective Rat Trap outline their hopes for the future of the arts in Wales and consider "how to keep striving for utopian visions".

40 Years 40 Artists: Mark Titchner

Mark Titchner describes the role of art in engendering empathy and how artists "hold up a muddy mirror to the world".

40 Years 40 Artists: Harold Offeh

Harold Offeh outlines how his success as an artist "has been built on the hard efforts, work and activism of previous generations."

40 Years 40 Artists: Cornelia Parker

Cornelia Parker outlines the main changes she's experienced as an artist over the last 20 years including the opening of Tate Modern.

40 Years 40 Artists: the 1980s

Read the first 10 conversations in our 40 Years 40 Artists series of interviews with artists who feature in a-n's archive.

40 Years 40 Artists: the 1990s

Read the second set of conversations in our 40 Years 40 Artists series of interviews with artists who feature in a-n’s archive.

Artists Newsletter

Artists Newsletter #3: The 2000s

With a nostalgic nod to the visual culture of the noughties, Guest Editor Shy Bairns explores collectives and how artists work together.

From the a-n archive: Jeremy Deller, Battle of Orgreave, September 2001

Contemporary re-enactment, art event or memorial? David Butler gives an insider account of Jeremy Deller's ambitious Artangel Times commission.

From the a-n archive: Cornelia Parker Career Profile, June 2002

Simon Morrissey cuts to the chase with Cornelia Parker and finds out how she has fought commercial pressures to follow her own artistic agenda.

From the a-n archive: Bedwyr Williams, Nimrod, November 2009

Review of Bedwyr Williams exhibition Nimrod at Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool.

Artists Newsletter #2: The 1990s

Catherine Bertola and Rosie Morris provide a platform for women artists and writers to highlight less visible, marginalised and precarious practices.

Artists Newsletter #1: The 1980s

In the first of a new series of publications celebrating the a-n archive, Black Hole Club unearth the past, probe the present, and look to the future.